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Dance Your Way to Success

How about keeping your child engaged without computers, video games or a tablet, instead try enrolling them for dance lessons at a nearby studio that offers summer dance camps during this summer break. Various studies have shown that dance is a great way to increase memory, become more disciplined, increase self-confidence, grace and poise.


You might think that all dance studios are the same, but you are mistaken if you think that any dance studio is good enough you or your child, without proper research. Some offer ballet coaching, whereas some may focus on a wide variety of dances such as break dancing, jazz, musical theatre or even some ethnic African dance forms.


Choose a dance school that has a smaller class size. That will determine how much the school focuses on each individual student. The studio could have many instructors and students may have their favorite ones, but what is imperative to dance pedagogy is compatibility and coherence. All instructors will have to adhere to pre-set rules of quality to ensure that those completing the program do not disappoint the enthusiasts of that particular dance form.


Parents could find leaving their child with an unknown instructor unnerving and would like to drop in to check how they are doing. Some schools do not allow parents on the studio floor, but there are studios that have observation windows, giving parents the ability to keep a watchful eye on their child, without becoming a distraction.


Selecting a Dance School for your Child

If you are the proud parent of a dance enthusiast and are looking for a dance studio that will be best suited for your child, follow these guidelines and you can be assured that your child will have the best possible dance lessons that spark creativity, fitness, and fun.

When it comes to classification, dance schools can be divided into two broad classifications, professional dance studios and commercial dance studios.  A professional dance studio focuses on teaching classical dance such as ballet, tango, waltz or modern dance forms.  They also gauge the progress and learning of the art and they make sure they are always teaching the right method, moves and discipline; whereas a commercial dance studio is more about fun and engagement, they usually have a large group of students in a class and are more interested in the annual recital.

Even if you are looking for summer dance camps, it is better to go with a professional dance school rather than a commercial one as your child will learn and respect the art.  Make sure that the dance school you select has teachers who are qualified, sensitive towards children and make them feel comfortable; the classes should be small in numbers and the fees should be reasonable.

Where do you Learn to Dance?

A dance studio is a place where dancers learn the art of dance or are made to rehearse before a public performance.  Most dance studios have skilled teachers, state-of-the-art facilities and a big show at the end of training, but that does not necessarily make them all the same.


Many studios or even schools organize summer dance camps to teach break dancing, hip-hop, jazz, musical theatre, ballet and other dance forms, all at a rapid pace so that a dance video can be shot at the end of the camp.  On the very first day, the student is assessed by a faculty member in terms of skills, grace, performance and the student’s preference.


It is important to note the class size at a dance school as that will determine how much personalized attention each student will have from the faculty.  In addition, a smaller class size ensures that students do not miss out on any elementary concepts.  While teaching happens at the group level, instructors work hard to fulfill the aspirations of individual students.


The most important aspect of any dance lesson is consistency.  The various instructors who run the curriculum have to be woven together by the common thread of quality so that those who successfully complete the program live up to a certain level of expectation.  Though students are free to have their favorite teacher, they should be assured of the same quality of training regardless of the instructor.

Summer Dance Camps – Best Engagement for Kids

When looking for an engaging activity to occupy your little angel for the summer, you can’t go wrong with summer dance camps.  Dancing can be a great pastime for children and research has shown that it helps build self confidence, discipline, grace and poise.  If this is the first time that your child is to set foot inside a dance studio there are a few things that you need to do to make this a great experience.

The first step is finding a dance school that is best suited to your needs. Not all dance schools are the same, so the best idea is to make a list of studios with good reviews from students and parents then visit each one.  Looking at the interior of the facilities, speaking to teachers and observing their teaching techniques may give you an idea whether the dance studio will make the lessons fun and engaging, while making your child feel comfortable and welcome as well.

The next step is selecting a dance lesson that your child will enjoy the most. Remember, that the main motive behind the activity is to engage your child so it is important that they enjoy the activity, so it is best to let them decide whether they want to learn ballet, jazz, tap or simple acrobatics.

Performance Troupe Kickoff Workshop in August in Windsor and Greeley

Is your child wanting to show their skills in the 2014-2015 season Performance Troupe Workshop? This workshop is the best way to learn all the skills they’ll need to perform at their best!

To prepare for our first run of performances, we’ll begin working ballet and jazz methods, leaps and turns, and choreography during this workshop.

Please keep in mind that in order for your child to be eligible to perform during the Fall, this workshop is mandatory.

August 4th-August 7th, 2014 in Windsor, 9:30 am to 11:30 am
August 4th-August 7th, 2014 in Greeley, 9:30 am to 11:30 am
Price: $125.00

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