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Using Facebook Live to Promote Your Dance Studio

Using Facebook Live to Promote Your Dance Studio

A picture tells a thousand words but live video can tell a story, spark action, and make somebody move…literally.

The power of video is that you can share your story, tell the vision for your company, communicate what you can do for customers, and more importantly, build a relationship with potential customers before they even walk in the door. Live video will help someone decide about whether or not to walk in your door and become a customer at your dance studio.

Facebook is a social media platform with millions of users and it’s how people research companies, find out what products they want to buy, and figure out where they want to spend their money.

It may seem daunting and you just might feel like the amateur videos you take of your kids or your dog doing tricks aren’t quality work you would show potential customers. But that’s exactly what people want to see…your dance studio at work and you instructing a class. If you want to get more people engaged with your business, you need to start promoting your business using live video via Facebook.

You just have to take a leap of faith and record the first one. From there, it will get easier. Then you’ll want to start doing it all the time after you see people engaging, commenting, and hopefully walking in the door.  

All you need to get started is a smartphone with the Facebook app loaded. Go to the app store and download it for free.

To get started, open your own Facebook profile and open the status bar as if you’re going to write a new post and from there hit the “Live” icon which looks like a human silhouette. From there, you’ll be prompted by the app to give it access to your microphone and camera or to choose your privacy settings (this will allow you to determine who you want to see the live video).

After you’ve finished uploading, you can go back and check out your live video! Be sure to share your dance studio’s page with everyone you know. The more people see your page and your live video posts, the more social engagement you’ll have with fans and people following your page. Enjoy and get sharing!






20 Dance Blogs You Should Be Following


20 Dance Blogs You Should Be Following

Blogs provide a unique platform to both share about a passion and learn more about your passions. They create distinct opportunities for people or organizations to express and exchange ideas and feelings, to gather knowledge from diverse viewpoints, and to make connections with the diverse members of a particular community. Dance blogs can exclusively provide unique insight and information into the expansive world of dance for dancers, teachers, and parents of dancers alike.


All dance blogs are unique, offering distinct advantages and a variety of information and resources. Following a dance blog can help you connect to the dance community at a greater level. Here are 20 varying dance blogs that can provide unique and diverse benefits:


  1. 4 Dancers: 4 Dancers is a blog written by Catherine L. Tully for dancers, dance teachers, and anyone interested in dance. What started as an experiment has truly grown and now offers concise, diverse information and opportunities to make connections in the dance world. 4 Dancers provides all members of the dance community with focused information on everything from current events, audition and competition connections, tips for dance teachers, choreography, and dancer wellness.


  1. Dance Spirit: Dance Spirit magazine is published by DanceMedia and is filled with the latest information on everything happening in the dance world. Dance Spirit provides countless comprehensive articles, videos, advertisements, contests, and how-tos on everything dance related. Dance Spirit also offers the convenience of an all-new app that gives you convenient access to the hottest information in the dance world.


  1. Dance Advantage: Dance Advantage is the spot dancers, dance teachers, and parents turn to. Dance Advantage provides applicable solutions for every aspect of the dance life. Started by Nichelle Suzanne, Dance Advantage has grown into a forum where she and other professionals can share reliable, practical, and professional information for anyone seeking to grow and learn in the dance community. Dance Advantage offers distinctive advice, resources, and inspiration for all areas of a dancer’s life from choreography to anatomy.


  1. The BDancewear Blog: BDancewear owner, Cyndi Marziani, has created premium dance clothing for the last 20 years; her customer-centered approach not only fueled her mission to provide dancers with extensive options in choosing what they wore on stage, but also led her to offer dancers extended resources in the dance world through a blog. The Bdancewear Blog provides detailed information on local dance studios, school dance teams, and DIY costume tutorials.


  1. Setting The Barre: Setting The Barre is the unique diary collection of professional ballet dancer, Kirsten Evans. Through Setting The Barre, Kirsten chronicles the many lessons, experiences, and dancing adventures she has both on and off the stage. Setting The Barre does not provide direct resources for dancers, but it does offer personal insight into the life of a ballerina that many find endearing and entertaining.


  1. Dance Informa Magazine: Dance Informa Magazine, one of the industry’s leading dance magazines, offers extensive information and resources geared specifically for dancers. They provide dancers the opportunity to continually be updated on happenings in the dance community around the world. Dancers can subscribe to Dance Informa Magazine and receive information on everything from auditions and events to practical physical information for the dancer’s body.


  1. STEEZY Blog: STEEZY is geared towards helping urban dancers grow and improve. STEEZY features tips, resources, and articles on training and choreography as well as lifestyle posts from the dance community. STEEZY’s mission is to promote dance through knowledge, inspiration, and community that is accessible to everyone. STEEZY even features Online Dance Classes with step by step instructions to help followers learn to dance or become a better dancer at their own pace.


  1. Dance Life: Dance Life is published by Discount Dance Supply, the world’s largest dancewear catalog and online retailer and offers real stories by and for real dancers. Driven by a passion for dance, DDS fills Dance Life with real stories about the dance life extending to style, events, fitness, and health. Through Dance Life, dancers and teachers alike can find countless resources from a company that shares the passion for dance.


  1. The Healthy Dancer: The Healthy Dancer is focused on developing healthy dancers by drawing attention to practices that will help dancers improve technique through cross-training, better nutrition, and body awareness. Diana Dart Harris, creator and author of The Healthy Dancer, is passionate about educating the whole dancer and promoting overall health in dancers from an early age. Dance educators have specifically praised the curriculum she developed to educate dancers about eating disorders.


  1. The Dancing Grapevine: The Dancing Grapevine began as the personal blog of Laura Riva in 2013 and has since grown in popularity and partnered with DancePlace. The Dancing Grapevine focuses on bringing greater awareness to the problems social dancers face and provides real applicable help to dancers for the issues that are often unspoken about. The Dancing Grapevine primarily emphasizes etiquette, hygiene, safety, and interpersonal relationships but also includes fun and instructional articles.


  1. Ballet Strength Blog: Ballet Strength was created by Nikol Klein, a professional ballet dancer turned author, mentor, certified personal trainer, and nutrition specialist. Through Ballet Strength, Nikol shares a unique combination of dance and fitness experience aimed at helping dancers raise the “barre” on their ballet technique. Through the blog and website, Ballet Strength provides relatable tips and information to empower dancers to improve strength and performance.


  1. Maria’s Movers: Maria’s Movers is a unique blog geared towards providing creative ideas and strategies for teaching young dancers. Author Maria Hanley specializes in early childhood dance education, specifically for ages 0 months to 6 years. Through Maria’s Movers, Maria has created a place to connect dance educators and inspire magical dance instruction for young dance artists with growing imaginations. Maria’s Movers offers unique tips, advice, and encouragement specifically focused on young, little movers.


  1. A Dancer’s Life: A Dancer’s Life by Australia’s Energetiks is a place for inspiration, education, and empowerment in dance. The mission of Energetiks is to inspire and support dancers to perform and live well. Through A Dancer’s Life, they are able to celebrate dance and fitness by sharing knowledge, inspiration, tips, news, and interviews. A Dancer’s Life features unique dance advice from fitness and diet to style and technique.


  1. My Son Can Dance: My Son Can Dance is a special blog aimed to help parents with young boys who want to dance. Creator and author, Nina Amir, began the blog as a means to chronicle the struggles, lessons, and experiences she has shared with her son as he follows his dream to dance. The goal of My Son Can Dance is to give young male dancers strength, inspiration, and tools to succeed as they embark on their journey in the difficult world of male dancers. My Son Can Dance combines the personal journey of Nina and her son Julian, interviews with top male dancers for experienced advice, and more to mentor young male dancers and their parents.


  1. The Ballet Blog: The Ballet Blog is a highly informative resource for ballet dancers. Lisa Howell, creator of The Ballet Blog, is passionate about delivering information to help dancers and teachers reach their ultimate potential. The Ballet Blog is focused on teaching students the understanding of biomechanics from the beginning to help them prevent injuries and optimize the performance of their own body.


  1. Beautiful Girl In The Ballroom: Beautiful Girl In The Ballroom is an inspirational blog that follows the dance journey of Stefanie. Stefanie grew up in the dancing world, slipped away after high school and realizing that she did not have the traditional dancer’s body, and then rediscovered her love for dance later in life and a new passion for ballroom dancing. Beautiful Girl In The Ballroom documents her journey to dancing competitions, weight release, and shares her personal insights and thoughts about dance.


  1. The Dance Blog: The Dance Blog is dedicated to inspiring and helping dancers around the world. The Dance Blog focuses on inspiring dancers through dance photography, tips, and how-to videos. The Dance Blog is managed by Regan Norton and offers an extensive list of other dance blogs. Regan has experience in dance and competition in all styles of dance, although she primarily focuses on ballet, contemporary, and choreography. The Dance Blog provides a simple, unintimidating forum for dancers of all ages to be inspired, ask questions, and connect.


  1. Dance Advice For Humans: Dance Advice For Humans by Arthur Murray Dance Centers offers dance advice for dancers of all skill levels. Arthur Murray Dance Centers in California teach ballroom, salsa, swing, and more, but their blog offers the latest information on the celebrity world of dance in addition to the unique advice, features, and interviews they provide. Dance Advice For Humans provides relatable inspiration and tips for dancers of all ages.


  1. Inside Ballet Technique: Inside Ballet Technique is a site for teachers and dancers with a variety of posts from Tammy Rhoades, a former dancer who was no longer able to teach because of physical problems, but desired a way to stay connected to her passion. Inside Ballet Technique provides teachers of all different levels with information on making ballet combinations fun, how to construct combinations, and ideas that could be beneficial in teaching ballet. Dancers will find information on improving technique, interviews with professional dancers, and insight into weight and pain management.


  1. Art Intercepts: Art Intercepts is a blog geared at creating opportunities to engage the dance community. Through extensive resources, references, news, and reviews, Art Intercepts encourages critical dialogue about dance and performance. Art Intercepts provides dance-based discourse with the goal of bettering the field of dance for dancers and audiences. Art Intercepts bridges the gap between the dance and scientific communities through research, facts, and conversation.