• 4 dance practice tips

    4 dance practice tips Learning how to dance can be confusing. Which foot to move, which way to turn without bumping into someone else. Dancing can be easier if you attend A Dance Place in Windsor, Colorado. They can break down the steps and movements so you can understand them. If you want to learn […]

  • Performance Troupe Workshop

    Performance Troupe Workshop A Dance Place, located in Windsor, Colorado, Eaton, Colorado and Greeley, Colorado offers several different workshops and dance camps. These workshops and camps are for many different age levels.  For those who interested in performance dance, there is the Performance Troupe Workshops. Though it’s not too late to sign up for this exciting workshop, […]

  • Dance Your Way to Success

    Dance Your Way to Success How about keeping your child engaged without computers, video games or a tablet, instead try enrolling them for dance lessons at a nearby studio that offers summer dance camps during this summer break? Various studies have shown that dance is a great way to increase memory, become more disciplined, increase […]

  • Selecting a Dance School for your Child

    Selecting a Dance School for your Child If you are the proud parent of a dance enthusiast and are looking for a dance studio that will be best suited for your child, follow these guidelines and you can be assured that your child will have the best possible dance lessons that spark creativity, fitness, and […]

  • Where do you Learn to Dance?

    Where do you Learn to Dance? A dance studio is a place where dancers learn the art of dance or are made to rehearse before a public performance.  Most dance studios have skilled teachers, state-of-the-art facilities and a big show at the end of training, but that does not necessarily make them all the same. […]