Ballet Classes: Greeley, Windsor, and Eaton

Ballet dance classes for all ages

There’s a good reason ballet has lasted for hundreds of years. It’s the perfect blend of grace and strength and is respected throughout the world. It’s also incredibly fun and rewarding!

Because ballet is a process and the most technical of the dance classes we offer, we have a very structured curriculum. But we’re also passionate about making it accessible and making sure that everyone is encouraged and fulfilled.

Ballet Class Levels

  • Ballet 2 – Ages 6-8 (Beginner Level)
  • Ballet 2 – Ages 9-11 (Beginner Level)
  • Ballet 3 – Ages 7-9 (Completion of Ballet 2 and/or Studio Recommendation)
  • Ballet 4 – Ages 9-11 (Completion of Ballet 3 and/or Studio Recommendation)
  • Teen – Ages 12 & Up (Beginner Level)
  • Ballet 5 – Ages 12 & Up (Completion of Ballet 4 and/or Studio Recommendation)
  • Pointe – Ages 12 & Up (Concurrent registration in Ballet 5 and Studio Recommendation)

It’s important to note that the above are simply guidelines. There’s always a possibility that students might be switched to a different level based on an instructor’s recommendation.

Ballet Class Requirements:  Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (Revolution* ballet shoes required for Ballet 2 and split sole required for all other Levels), and girls’ hair pulled back in a neat, securely fastened bun.  Fitted dance shorts and skirts are optional and at the discretion of the instructor.  Click to order ballet shoes and other required dancewear.

* Revolution ballet shoes do not have drawstrings. If you currently have ballet shoes that are not Revolution, we do not require you to purchase a new pair.  However, when your child needs a new pair of ballet shoes, we ask that you purchase Revolution shoes.


$50 a month for an hour class once a week

$57.50 a month for 1.25 hour class once a week

Discounts are given for multiple classes, please see our tuition table under the “About Us” Tab.