Jazz Dance Classes at A Dance Place

Jazz dance lessons get the body moving!

Every class at A Dance Place requires teamwork, but nothing will encourage your child to rise to the occasion like Jazz Dance. If you’ve ever seen a Broadway musical, you know just how important it is for everyone to work their hardest and be part of a coordinated team.

Jazz is less technical than ballet but more technical than Hip Hop. It incorporates the moves of so many dancing styles but is in a class all its own.

Jazz Dance Class Levels

  • Jazz 2 – Ages 6-8 (Beginner Level)
  • Jazz 3 – Ages 7-9
  • Jazz 4 – Ages 9-11
  • Teen – Ages 12 & Up (Beginner Level)
  • Jazz 5 – Ages 12 & Up

Please remember that the above dance class levels and ages are simply guidelines. A student may be switched to a different level based on a recommendation from the instructor.

Class Requirements:  Leotard, tights, black jazz shoes, and hair neatly and securely pulled back away from the face.  Fitted dance shorts and pants are optional. Click here to order Jazz Shoes and other required dancewear.


$45 a month for a 45 min. class once a week

$50 a month for an hour class once a week

Discounts are given for multiple classes, please see our tuition table under the “About Us” Tab