Jazz Dance Classes at A Dance Place

Jazz dance lessons get the body moving!

Every class at A Dance Place requires teamwork, but nothing will encourage your child to rise to the occasion like Jazz Dance. If you’ve ever seen a Broadway musical, you know just how important it is for everyone to work their hardest and be part of a coordinated team.

Jazz is less technical than ballet but more technical than Hip Hop. It incorporates the moves of so many dancing styles but is in a class all its own.

Jazz Dance Class Levels

  • Jazz 2 – Ages 6-8 (Beginner Level)
  • Jazz 3 – Ages 7-9
  • Jazz 4 – Ages 9-11
  • Teen – Ages 12 & Up (Beginner Level)
  • Jazz 5 – Ages 12 & Up
  • Jazz 6- Ages 14 & up
  • Jazz 7-Advanced Ages 15 & up

Please remember that the above dance class levels and ages are simply guidelines. A student may be switched to a different level based on a recommendation from the instructor.

Class Requirements:  Leotard, tights, black/tan jazz shoes, and hair neatly and securely pulled back away from the face.  Fitted dance shorts and pants are optional. 


$57 a Month

Discounts are given for multiple classes, please see our tuition table under the “About Us” Tab