KinderDance gets kids moving in the right direction.

When your kids are ready to go to the next level, KinderDance is the right place. We harness the unlimited energy of the students and turn it into something fun and exciting.

To be in KinderDance, students need to be 4 1/2 or 5 by the beginning of the dance season (exact age requirements vary by location).  Students can also join KinderDance if they’ve completed two years in the preschool dance program.

No matter which class you pick, your kids will have a great time exploring movement and music while learning basic dance and gymnastic techniques.

Tap/Ballet 1 –Tap and ballet might seem daunting, so our class is a low-pressure introduction to the fundamentals of both dance styles that shows your young one just how fun each can be.

Tap/Ballet Class requirements: leotard, tights, black tap shoes with elastic or buckles (NO ties), and pink Capezio LOVE* ballet shoes. Purchase shoes and other dancewear from A Dance Place Dancewear store.


Jazz/Poms 1 – The movement doesn’t stop in this class! Students will enjoy an introduction to jazz dance and cheer that incorporates gymnastic and tumbling movements.

Jazz/Poms Class requirements: Leotard, tights, black jazz shoes. Tights, shoes, and other dancewear items are available at the A Dance Place Dancewear store.


Hippity Hop – Your free spirited child will LOVE this class!  Students will learn funky street dancing style with a jazz based technique using age-appropriate music and movements.

Hippity Hop Class requirements:  Form fitting athletic wear, clean athletic shoes


Ballet/Poms 1  –Who would have thought that all these styles would get along so well? Your child will be introduced to ballet techniques, cheer, jazz, and tumbling.

Ballet/Poms Class requirements: Leotard, tights, and pink Capezio LOVE* ballet shoes. Dancewear and shoes are available from A Dance Place Dancewear store.

*Capezio LOVE ballet shoes do not have drawstrings. If you currently have ballet shoes, we do not require you to purchase a new pair. However, when your child needs a new pair of ballet shoes, we ask that you purchase drawstring-free shoes.