Preschool Dance Classes in Greeley and Windsor CO

Here’s where it all begins…dance classes for an active preschooler.

Humans are made to physically respond to music, and nowhere is it more obvious than with preschoolers. All too often, though, they’re told to sit still and stop moving. Or worse yet, their energy is sucked away by a glowing screen.

The instructors at A Dance Place want to take that energy and show kids the amazing things they can do with it. We’ve got options that your preschooler will love, all of which will foster a love of dance and musical movement throughout their lives. At A Dance Place, we offer a variety of preschool dance lessons, including:

Preschool Combo – An excellent introduction to a wide variety of dance, all while they’re having constant fun! Instructors will help children discover tap, ballet, and jazz by using age-appropriate music and games to stimulate both the mind and body. Children come to appreciate the way they interact with their environment and those around them, including their instructor and peers.

Preschool Combo Dancing Class requirements: Leotard, tights, black tap shoes and pink Ballet Shoes


$57 a Month

Discounts are given for multiple classes, please see our tuition table under the “About Us” Tab.