Dance Your Way to Success

How about keeping your child engaged without computers, video games or a tablet, instead try enrolling them for dance lessons at a nearby studio that offers summer dance camps during this summer break? Various studies have shown that dance is a great way to increase memory, become more disciplined, increase self-confidence, grace and poise. Why not allow your child to dance their way to success?


You might think that all dance studios are the same, but you are mistaken if you think that any dance studio is good enough you or your child, without proper research. Some offer ballet coaching, whereas some may focus on a wide variety of dances such as break dancing, jazz, musical theatre or even some ethnic African dance forms.


Choose a dance school that has a smaller class size. That will determine how much the school focuses on each individual student. The studio could have many instructors and students may have their favorite ones, but what is imperative to dance pedagogy is compatibility and coherence. All instructors will have to adhere to pre-set rules of quality to ensure that those completing the program do not disappoint the enthusiasts of that particular dance form.


Parents could find leaving their child with an unknown instructor unnerving and would like to drop in to check how they are doing. Some schools do not allow parents on the studio floor, but there are studios that have observation windows, giving parents the ability to keep a watchful eye on their child, without becoming a distraction.