Information on Dance Classes In Fort Collins with Infographic
dance class infographic

For your star in the making, there’s no better place than A Dance Place and our new studio conveniently located in Fort Collins! No matter if your child wants to meet new friends, get some exercise, or learn the information necessary to dance like a star, we have the perfect class for dancers of all ages! Our classes with dance lessons encourage creativity and feature fun activities, goals, and encouragement.

Youngsters ages two to four can start with any of our preschool dance classes. We have a variety of options to match your child’s energy, interest, and personality available with infographic too. Our Preschool Combo class teaches beginning tap, ballet, and jazz dance with age-appropriate games and really gets kids moving to the music. We also offer Preschool Acro, which is a fun combination of dance and gymnastics.

Children four and up can take our KinderDance classes that are inviting and engaging—perfect for their age level. We offer combination Tap/Ballet, as well as Jazz/Poms and Ballet/Poms, both of which combine the more lyrical movements with fun cheer and tumbling routines that are perfect for the younger crowd. KinderDance students can also continue with Acro and learn more advanced floor routines and skills.

Our ballet classes let older students learn the beautiful art form in a fun environment. Starting at age six, we offer classes through high school that go all the way from Beginning to Advanced Pointe class. Our ballet classes are our most structured due to the precise and technical nature of the dance, but that doesn’t mean our students don’t have fun. We encourage them to learn and grow as they move through the ballet curriculum.

Jazz is a spunky dance style that lets dancers work together with their team and still show their individual personalities. Part ballet, part hip-hop, part Broadway, jazz is a team dance experience unlike any other. Classes start for six year olds and move up to our Jazz 5 class for advanced teens.

Let your dancer showcase her personality with hip-hop dance classes. Hip-hop is all about body control, as many of the moves isolate certain body parts and push dancers’ control and precision to the limits. Hip-hop lets dancers work as a team and improvise individually and is the perfect class if your child loves to dance with what she sees on TV. Our hip-hop classes start with six year olds and go up to teens.

A classic dance style, tap can be set to all kinds of music and showcase styles ranging from vintage to current. Tap is a great way to get kids moving and teach them about rhythm—plus they get to wear shoes that make noise, which is a huge hit! Six year olds can start in beginning tap, and our classes go through Tap 5 for teenagers.

For any kind of dance style or skill level, A Dance Place is the perfect place! Our students learn great skills and routines, but they also learn the importance of creativity, fun, goal setting, teamwork, and more. Call us today to schedule your child’s class!

dance class infographic