Where do you Learn to Dance?

A dance studio is a place where dancers learn the art of dance or are made to rehearse before a public performance.  Most dance studios have skilled teachers, state-of-the-art facilities and a big show at the end of training, but that does not necessarily make them all the same.


Many studios or even schools organize summer dance camps to teach break dancing, hip-hop, jazz, musical theatre, ballet and other dance forms, all at a rapid pace so that a dance video can be shot at the end of the camp.  On the very first day, the student is assessed by a faculty member in terms of skills, grace, performance and the student’s preference.


It is important to note the class size at a dance school as that will determine how much personalized attention each student will have from the faculty.  In addition, a smaller class size ensures that students do not miss out on any elementary concepts.  While teaching happens at the group level, instructors work hard to fulfill the aspirations of individual students.


The most important aspect of any dance lesson is consistency.  The various instructors who run the curriculum have to be woven together by the common thread of quality so that those who successfully complete the program live up to a certain level of expectation.  Though students are free to have their favorite teacher, they should be assured of the same quality of training regardless of the instructor for their lessons.