Performance Troupe Workshop

A Dance Place, located in Windsor, Colorado, Eaton, Colorado and Greeley, Colorado offers several different workshops and dance camps. These workshops and camps are for many different age levels.  For those who interested in performance dance, there is the Performance Troupe Workshops.

Though it’s not too late to sign up for this exciting workshop, you’ll need to hurry. Classes start on Monday, August 4th!

The Performance Troupe Workshop includes jazz, ballet, turns and leaps. Choreography is also included.  Perfect those jazz moves. Your instructor can help fine tune your foot placement and arm movements.  Nothing can ruin great footwork like arm movements that are stiff and unnatural. Your ballet moves might need polishing also, we can help with that. Refresh on your basic steps as well as toe work. Perfect working at the barre. Add grace to your moves. Turns have always been difficult to master. At the Performance Troupe Workshop you will learn the correct way to hold your head so you don’t get dizzy and well as foot placement so you don’t travel all over the stage while turning. Leaping is also addressed. The students will learn the proper way to leap and land without causing injury to themselves or a partner.

The Performance Troupe Workshop leads up to the Fall performances. All of the fall events are special and fun to perform in. One of our favorite events is the Windsor Harvest Festival Parade. It’s important to note that if you want to take part in these exciting events, you will have to participate in the Performance Troupe Workshop. Participation is mandatory. The skills and choreography you will master in this workshop will enable you to perform effortlessly and with confidence.