Poms Camp 2015 Recap

Our summer 2015 camps kicked off with pizazz at the end of June with two days of cheer fun at our Windsor and Greeley studios. Things were definitely peppy as our junior (five to eight year old) dancers and cheerleaders practiced their skills and learned how to perform basic stunts and tumbling. The campers also loved learning cheers and jazz technique. And of course, we had pom poms everywhere—the dancers got really good at shaking them and performing synchronized cheers.

The cheerleaders all improved so much over the course of the camp, both individually and as a team. All of the instructors and camp leaders had smiles on their faces the entire time because the dancers were having so much fun and it was obvious they loved what they were doing. The poms camp had an infectious energy that lasted us through the rest of the summer! Thanks for taking the time to read our recap of this event. We can’t wait to catch up with our budding cheerleading stars at next year’s camp!