Selecting a Dance School for your Child

If you are the proud parent of a dance enthusiast and are looking for a dance studio that will be best suited for your child, follow these guidelines and you can be assured that your child will have the best possible dance lessons that spark creativity, fitness, and fun.

When it comes to classification, dance schools can be divided into two broad classifications, professional dance studios and commercial dance studios.  A professional dance studio focuses on teaching classical dance such as ballet, tango, waltz or modern dance forms.  They also gauge the progress and learning of the art and they make sure they are always teaching the right method, moves and discipline; whereas a commercial dance studio is more about fun and engagement, they usually have a large group of students in a class and are more interested in the annual recital.

Even if you are looking for summer dance camps, it is better to go with a professional dance school rather than a commercial one as your child will learn and respect the art.  Make sure that the dance school you are selecting has teachers who are qualified, sensitive towards children and make them feel comfortable; the classes should be small in numbers and the fees should be reasonable.