How to Support Your Dance Student

For every dance student in class or on stage in a performance, there’s a team of supporters behind them, getting them to class, buying their shoes, doing their hair, and so much more. Taking lessons from a dance studio in Windsor is a great way for kids to learn new skills and build confidence. Dance students can have an even more enjoyable experience when they are supported by parents, family, and friends. Here are the eight best ways to support your dance student.


Help Get the Right Equipment

Dancing requires a lot of equipment, from shoes and leotards to costumes and hairspray. Help your dancer get the right equipment for class, dress rehearsal, and performances. Ask other dancers or teachers for recommendations on the best shoes and dance gear. Keep things in good condition and organized in a dance or costume bag and replace them when they get worn out or are outgrown.

Encourage a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Like all athletes, dancers need proper nutrition to give their bodies strength and energy for their rigorous training. Provide your dancer with a balanced diet full of clean foods, vegetables, and lean proteins. Encourage them to drink plenty of water every day and get lots of sleep so their bodies can recover. If your dancer loves junk food, remove temptation from the house and instead provide healthy snacks. Click here for more information about healthy meal plans for dancers.

Be Informed

Every dance studio has its own rules and routines. To best support your dance student, be informed about what happens at class, when they should arrive, and what they should wear. Be informed of the studio’s policies. Write down important dates and reminders and stay updated on news. Click here for questions to ask at a dance studio.

Trust the Teachers

windsor dance lessons supporting your dancerIt can be difficult for some people to sit back and watch their dancer struggle, especially when learning a new routine or type of dance. However, stepping in can be detrimental to a dancer’s success and undermine the teacher’s authority. Instead, trust the teachers and the dance process. The best routines often start with a struggle but end up coming together well.


Be Negative

Dance can be difficult, and setbacks are sure to occur. When a dancer has to repeat a level, struggles with a new step, or makes a mistake in a performance, don’t be negative. Look for the positive and encourage them to keep trying. Negativity can spread to the dancer and other members in the class and can turn dance into a miserable experience full of complaining.


It’s easy to get emotional if a dancer doesn’t get the part they want or has trouble learning something new. Your dancer may complain to you, but it’s important to think through your response and not overreact. Supportive parents and family members are involved, but they also don’t overact when things are difficult. Dance, with all its ups and downs, can be a great learning experience.


Don’t spread rumors and share rude thoughts about the teachers or other dance students. Everyone is at different levels and trying their best to improve. Dance studios and classes work best when everyone is supportive and encouraging. Gossiping can ruin the environment and create bad feelings between dancers.

Focus on Prizes and Awards

Dance is all about the journey, not the destination. The goal should be to learn something new and have fun, not to win the best prizes and trophies. Doing well can be a bonus, but having competition as the main goal can ruin the dance experience, especially when a dancer doesn’t get first place. Encourage your dancer to do their best at every class, performance, and competition. The awards may follow, but it shouldn’t be the main focus.

Dance students need lots of support. A strong support system can make all the difference in encouraging a dancer to try new things and be their best. Follow these dos and don’ts to create a supportive and fun environment for your dancer.

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